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Freshwater Fish

Basa/ Phangas - Fry Cut

₹1,200.00 Regular Price
₹350.00Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • Discover the Delights of Fresh Basa Fry Cut: Perfect for Frying or Baking, Ideal for Fish Beginners.

    Our boneless Basa Fry cut is an excellent choice for those who enjoy fried fish or baked delicacies, especially if you're new to fish. This fish variety is remarkably free from bones and does not have a strong fishy flavor. The tender pinkish flesh of Basa emits a mild smell, making it a popular choice even among children. When cooked, it transforms into a soft and flaky texture that simply melts in your mouth.

    Crafted by our experts, this Basa Fry cut consists of 3-4 thick and neatly rectangular fillets. They lend themselves perfectly to creating delicious breaded fish fries for a lip-smacking snack or baking them alongside your favorite veggies. For a quick and satisfying meal, pan-fry them with a touch of butter.

    At Meat Treat & Co., we ensure the highest quality standards. Our fish and seafood are sourced from Licious approved vendors, guaranteeing freshness and authenticity. Rest assured, our products contain no added chemicals or antibiotic residue, prioritizing your well-being.

    Throughout the entire process, from sourcing to delivery, we maintain stringent temperature control between 0-4°C. This ensures that each product remains chilled, not frozen, preserving its freshness until it reaches your doorstep.

    Order Basa Fry Cut online now and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Let Meat Treat & Co. bring the finest fish to your table!

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