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With Bone | Freshwater

Catla (Katla) Large - Bengali Cut, No Head

SKU: 100
₹778.00 Regular Price
₹660.00Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • Indulge in the Splendors of Freshwater Carp: Large-sized, Cylindrical-shaped, Bengali-style Cut with Pinkish White, Soft Flesh. Tail Included.

    Experience the delight of a large-sized, freshwater Carp—a bony fish from the Carp family. Its cylindrical shape and distinctive characteristics make it a culinary treasure. 

    Carp is highly regarded for its versatility in various culinary preparations. Whether you're crafting Bengali delicacies or exploring new flavors, its soft flesh is sure to elevate your dishes.

    At Meat Treat & Co., we prioritize quality and freshness. Our fish is sourced with care, ensuring its authenticity and flavor. We guarantee that our Carp is free from any added chemicals or antibiotic residue, providing you with a wholesome dining experience.

    Savor the goodness of Freshwater Carp - Bengali Cut (including tail) by ordering online today. Let Meat Treat & Co. bring the finest fish to your home!

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