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Boneless | Bite size pieces

Chicken Boneless - Mini Bites

₹800.00 Regular Price
₹420.00Sale Price
  • Experience the ultimate tenderness and exceptional juiciness with our Chicken Mini Bites (Boneless), elevating any dish to a whole new level. These bite-sized wonders are perfect for enhancing salads or creating delightful recipes such as Chicken Popcorn, Garlic Chicken Bites, Chicken Nuggets, and more. Let your creativity soar!

    Our Chicken Mini Bites (Boneless) are meticulously crafted by cutting fresh chicken breasts into perfectly sized pieces. They can also be used as a convenient topping for pizzas and pasta, adding a flavorful twist to your favorite dishes.

    Meat Treat N' Co. ensures that their chickens have the ideal weight for the juiciest meat. Each cut is equally sized, ensuring every bite is equally succulent, and the tender meat aids in superior juice absorption, enhancing the overall flavor experience.

    Rest assured that our chickens are raised on bio-secure farms and are free from antibiotic residues. We store our chicken under temperature-controlled conditions, maintaining a range of 0-4 degrees Celsius. This meticulous cold-chain system helps preserve moisture and protein content, guaranteeing the highest quality product.

    Order Meat Treat N' Co. Chicken Mini Bites (Boneless) online now and have them conveniently delivered to your home, ready to elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

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