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Freshwater/White Prawns (Jhinga) Medium I 25-30pcs

SKU: 100
₹900.00 Regular Price
₹650.00Sale Price
500 Grams
  • Experience the Freshness of our Large Pack of Juicy Prawns, complete with Fresh Nakhre!

    Indulge in the sweeter, juicier, and generously-sized freshwater prawns we offer. Our prawns are thoughtfully cleaned, deveined, with the head and tail removed, making them hassle-free for immediate use.

    Unleash your culinary creativity by marinating these prawns (for up to 30-60 minutes) and incorporating them into delightful curries such as Massaman curry, Caldine, Malai Curry, or fry them for lip-smacking dishes like Prawn Masala, Spicy Prawn Roast, Kerala Prawn Fry, and more.

    Rest assured, our prawns undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they are free from adulterants and added chemicals. Stored in temperature-controlled conditions between 0-4°C, they maintain their freshness and chillness, guaranteeing an unmatched dining experience.

    Order the Freshwater Prawns 40C-60C - Cleaned & Deveined, No Tail - Large Pack from Licious and savor the convenience of home delivery!

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