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Rohu | Head

Rohu (Rui) - Head

SKU: 100
₹100.00 Regular Price
₹80.00Sale Price
  • Are you a true lover of fish? Only the most dedicated fish enthusiasts would be enticed by this offering from Meat Treat N Co. If you're a fan of Bengali cuisine or a Bengali yourself, this is the perfect cut for preparing a mouthwatering Moori Ghonto. And for the Anglo Indians, your next fish head curry begins right here.

    This package includes a thoroughly cleaned and split Rohu head, divided into two pieces. It's an ideal portion for a single person or two small eaters. The head is meaty and possesses the delightful sweetness characteristic of freshwater Rohu. It can also be used to create a variety of dishes.

    At Meat Treat N Co, we never freeze our fish. It is carefully chilled between 0-4? to ensure its freshness, preserving its texture and flavor.

    Order a fresh Rohu Head from Meat Treat N Co and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep!

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