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Rohu (Rui) Large - Bengali Cut, No Head

₹800.00 Regular Price
₹550.00Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • Savor the Delights of Freshwater Rohu: 4-7 Large Bengali-Cut Pieces, Thoroughly Cleaned by Meat Treat & Co.

    Experience the goodness of large freshwater Rohu pieces, meticulously cleaned and precisely cut for your convenience. Perfect for curries or a delectable fish fry, Rohu is a soft-textured bony fish with a subtle flavor. These carefully cut pieces offer consistency in size and weight, ensuring an exceptional dining experience.

    When cooked, the tender and flaky texture of Rohu showcases its delicate flavors, leaving a sweet aftertaste. Whether you're preparing traditional Jhols, Jhals, or exploring new culinary creations, these pieces are guaranteed to bring out the flavors you desire.

    At Meat Treat & Co., our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our fish and seafood are sourced daily from approved local fishermen, ensuring freshness and authenticity. Rest assured, our products contain no added chemicals or antibiotic residue, prioritizing your well-being.

    Every step of the way, from sourcing to delivery, we maintain strict temperature control between 0-4°C. This preserves the freshness of our products, ensuring they are chilled, not frozen, when they reach your doorstep.

    Order Freshwater Rohu Large - Bengali Cut (No Head) online now and indulge in the unmatched flavors. Let Meat Treat & Co. bring the finest seafood to your home with our convenient home delivery!

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