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Rohu (Rui) Medium - Bengali Cut, No Head

₹800.00 Regular Price
₹450.00Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • A delightful assortment of meaty and tender belly cuts, full steaks, and more, the Freshwater Rohu is the ultimate choice for Bengali delicacies. This specific Bengali cut of the Rohu fish is meticulously descaled and cleaned for your convenience.

    The assortment includes rectangular 'peti' pieces, which are delicate belly cuts taken parallel from the spine. Additionally, there are triangular pieces cut across the spine, and a flavorful piece from the tail, known for its exceptional taste. Please note that the head of the fish is not included in this pack.

    The pieces are expertly cut to ensure consistent size and weight. With a soft texture and a delightful sweet aftertaste, they become tender and flaky when cooked. These pieces are perfect for preparing dishes like Jhols, Jhals, and more, showcasing the true flavors of Bengali cuisine.

    Rest assured that Licious sources its fish and seafood from approved local fishermen. The fish is thoroughly cleaned, allowing you to cook it straight from the pack without any hassle. To maintain optimum freshness, all Licious meats, fish, and seafood are kept under temperature-controlled conditions between 0-4 degrees Celsius.

    Order the Freshwater Rohu Large - Bengali Cut No Head online now and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered straight to your home, ready to elevate your culinary experience.

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