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Seawater fish | Bone-in | Surmai

Seer (Surmai) - Curry Cut, No Head I Boneless

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₹3,300.00 Regular Price
₹1,600.00Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • Experience the Delight of Seer Fish - The Beginner's Choice!

    Seer fish, also known as Vanjaram, Neymeen, and Surmai, is a fish beloved by seafood enthusiasts across the country. Its tender and mild-flavored meat, coupled with the convenience of a single center bone, makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Seer fish is also commonly referred to as King Fish due to its regal presence.

    The Curry Cut of Seer fish consists of medium-sized pieces, perfect for various culinary preparations. Pan-fry these delectable cuts to achieve a crispy and succulent texture, or create flavorful curries such as Vatti Pattichathu and Surmai Gassi. This cut does not include the fish head.

    At Meat Treat & Co., we prioritize freshness and quality. Our Seer fish is never frozen but kept constantly chilled between 0-4°C to preserve its freshness, texture, and flavor. This ensures that every bite of Seer fish delivers an exceptional dining experience.

    Place your order for Seer (Surmai) Medium - Curry Cut, No Head online at Licious and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered straight to your doorstep. Delight in the flavors and versatility of Seer fish as you explore a world of culinary possibilities with this exquisite seafood.

    Experience the joy of cooking and savoring Seer fish, brought to you by Meat Treat & Co.

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